# Program About
1 One Year Dance Certification Program (OYP) Shiamak's One Year Dance Certification Program (OYP) is a full-time course for dancers aged 15-28 years who wish to train and improve skills in a professional environment. The program focuses on intensive training, technique and knowledge in over ten dance styles with specialized training in the renowned Shiamak Style. Shiamak actively teaches at the OYP and monitors their progress through the year. The OYP is a part of Shiamak’s mission to help dance enthusiasts make their passion a profession.  (www.shiamak.com/oyp)
2 One Year Dance Certification Program for Juniors (JOY) Shiamak's One Year Dance Certification Program for Juniors (JOY) for children aged 7 to 14 years, is specially designed to offer the students practical and theoretical understanding of various dance styles. One year of training lays a strong foundation for these dance enthusiasts and opens opportunities in the field of the performing arts.  (www.shiamak.com/joy)
3 Funk Batches Our Funk batches - Summer Funk, Summer Funk 2 and Winter Funk are a platform for our students to learn the essence of dance, perform on stage and be a star! Students learn their favorite dance styles through the course, practice choreography and design costumes and properties. They also learn stage performance technique, build confidence, discipline, teamwork and professionalism. Dance enthusiasts from the age of four to eighty four and from all walks of life enjoy a complete performing arts experience in a professional environment embodying the motto, ‘Have Feet. Will Dance.’ Each batch culminates with a show organized by us at prominent auditoriums, where the students get a chance to showcase their learnings in front of a live audience.  (www.shiamak.com)
4 Advanced Training Batch (ATB) The Advanced Training Batch (ATB) is a course for dance enthusiasts who are keen to learn the finer aspects of dancing and train over the year under Shiamak’s senior faculty. The course is suitable for beginner and elementary dancers and offers 90+ hours of training in various styles, including a Master Class with Shiamak. At the end of the batch, the students get an opportunity to showcase their learnings in a professional show organized by us, in front of a live audience.
5 Workshops, samplers & personal training. We offer a range of corporate dance workshops and personal training sessions that offer a rejuvenating learning experience and can be customized to individual or group requirements. Contact us to organize a specially designed dance workshop in your city, at your home, office, studio or school.
6 Shiamak Dance Education Program (SDE) A specially designed program for school children that may form a part of the school’s regular curriculum or be offered as an extra curricular activity within their school premises. The program educates and empowers children with knowledge of various dance styles, the fundamentals of dance technique, aspects of musical theatre and stage performance. It helps students to de-stress, stay active, improve posture and develop a confident, well-rounded personality. The complete performing arts experience enables students to overcome stage fright, become more confident, improve team spirit and feel a great sense of achievement.  (www.shiamak.com/sde)